my name is

Jake Myers

I am a web developer.

I'm a loving dad and a husband. I'm also a pilot, a musician, and an aficionado of the outdoors. I enjoy climbing rocks, playing video games, and catching fish. I geek out about transportation, photography, and telescopes. I love to teach and love to learn.

I recently graduated from

in Chicago where I got to learn cool things like:

More importantly though, I got a lot of practice:

cartoon robot

In 8 days, our team of 4 made SWOT Bot as our final project.

SWOT (Scholars Working OverTime) Bot is a fully functioning student management system that tracks student behavior, attendance, grades and overall daily proficiency. It allows teachers, parents and students to track their progress via a live web-feed, SMS text, email and our own internal messaging system. The SWOTBot is currently being used by Scholars Working Overtime in the East Las Vegas school district.

swot bot screenshot swot bot screenshot swot bot screenshot swot bot screenshot